Coronavirus COVID-19

The effect of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic is something new for each and every one of us. As you know, things have been changing by the day – sometimes by the hour. This uncertainty affects us all in many ways. But the priority for all of us should be on staying safe, well, and working to limit the spread of COVID-19 as the medical community work to create a vaccine.

Because of this, all of my in-person workshops and courses have been canceled through the end of April. I will be monitoring the situation closely and will reschedule as things change and become safe for all.

Creative Help

Well before the COVID-19 pandemic, I had started working to create online creativity resources and courses for release later in 2020. But I know from personal experience how helpful creative practices can be during stressful and scary times.

In addition to my usual content, I’m working hard to finalize some of my virtual creative offerings. Be on the lookout over the next few weeks for free resources, reduced-fee online workshops, and virtual creativity write-ins and more! I’ll be sending updates through social media, my website, and my email list. 

Be Safe and Well

More than any other message, I want to send me wishes to everyone to be safe and well during these troubled times. Take care of your health first, and that includes mental wellbeing. Follow recommendations carefully, and when in doubt play it safe. No one will judge you for putting your health and the health of others first!

If you’re not able to get supplies or goods, don’t hesitate to reach out to a neighbor or friend. My family and I are happy to help those home bound get the things they need to make it through this difficult time, and I know many other people feel the same.

Seek Safe Environments

If you’re getting cabin fever, try going for a walk at a city, county, or state parks. This past weekend, my husband and I went on two long hikes at Fremont Older (we saw multiple rainbows, including the one to the right photographed by mountain biker, John Mracek — someday we’ll remember to take our phones with us!).

Getting out of the house in a safe environment helped us deal with the stress of dealing with COVID-19 and four daughters suddenly out of school, unable to get out of the house, and facing the cancellations of all of their events. 

We’re looking forward to more outdoor time this week as a family (yes, even in the rain!). Numerous studies show myriad benefits between getting outside in nature and your physical and mental health – especially in times of strain.

How Can I Help?

If you have any questions about the canceled events or upcoming virtual programs, or if you have any suggestions about things you’d like to see in the coming months please reach out!

With warmth & gratitude,

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