It’s easy to let your brain stop creativity before it starts. We tend to overthink what it means to be creative instead of letting it happen in small, manageable spurts. Here’s a quick and easy tip that will help add a bit of creativity to your day.

Use your daily planner as an art journal (in a small, manageable way). 🎨📅

Think of your daily planner (or to-list) as a blank canvas for creativity. You can add small bits of creative inspiration that no one else will see, keeping it a judgment-free zone. Tapping into your creativity every day in small ways keeps it closer to the surface for when you need it in bigger ways, whether you’re solving a problem at work, embarking on a large creative project around the house, or writing a poem.

Not sure how to use your daily planner as an art journal? Check out these easy action items to add a little creativity to your daily agenda:

  • Add doodles along the border of the squares that mark off each day or event. 
  • Draw a circle or square at the top or bottom of each day and illustrate the weather, your mood or color for the day, or an important moment. 
  • Write a favorite quote using different kinds of lettering – it doesn’t have to fancy! You can alternate colors or move between all caps and cursive. 
  • Look around your work area or home and copy a pattern you see into an unused space of your daily planner.
  • Write down your mood in block letters and fill in the block with color, doodles, or a design that describes the feeling.
  • Trace your hand on a previous page and color over the day’s events, or trace it on a new page and write over it.
  • Use interesting tape to stick momentos from the day into your planner.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Whatever you do, don’t wait to create. Your daily planner gives you a safe, simple way to start building your creativity practice. You’ll be amazed at how these little doses of creativity positively impact the rest of your day.

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